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Photo courtesy of Fayetteville State University

BCSSE Updates and Data Uses

A live webinar on BCSSE 2017 provided information about a new survey question on expectations for academic help-seeking and about changes to the BCSSE Advising Report. It also included data use examples using results from BCSSE and NSSE’s First-Year Experiences Topical Module.

Click HERE to view the recording or to download the PowerPoint presentation.

BCSSE in Action

Enhancing higher-order learning has become a focus at Oklahoma State University since an assessment office presentation on the implications of NSSE findings to the Institute for Teaching and Learning that also included findings from Topical Modules and from BCSSE. Details in Lessons from the Field – Volume 4

Oklahoma State University

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percent of entering first-year students have no close friends attending the same institution.

Source: BCSSE 2017